Breeze - Thailand

Chris posing with Breeze
girl during a costume fix

Chris during a break on the set

Clinic - Thailand

Chris with two Clinic models

Chris with Clinic model Doris

Chris in action

Chris and Jeff

Jeff, Doris, Chris

'Burglars' - India

Giant's big entrance

Giant carrying joker

Giant scaring museum visitors

Giant scaring museum visitors, part 2

Giant with museum guards

KA Cream - Thailand

Chris with KA Girl on the set

Chris in action with his troupe

Chris closeup with troupe

Chris interrogating KA girl

Chris and Khun Kamol

KA Ad, Thai Rath newspaper

Space Odyssey - Indian commercial, shot in Thailand

Chris in action on the spaceship set

Chris' entrance as the Space Robot

Space Robot side view

Chris and Deer resting on the set

Space Robot cartoon

Standard Chartered Bank - Thailand

Chris with Khun Sek

Chris with Toto

Zebra Pens - Japanese commercial, shot in Thailand

Chris as the Zebra Giant

Chris during the transformation

Chris in action

Closeup of the Giant