ULTIMATE FITNESS Co. Ltd., Company Overview and History

Ultimate Fitness Co., Ltd. was established in early 2005 by the German fitness professional Dr. Christoph Klueppel to incorporate all of the various fitness services, which he has been providing in Thailand for the past 20 plus years. However, with effect from Dec. 31, 2015, Ultimate Fitness Co., Ltd. has ceased its operations in Bangkok; we have moved up country.

For more than a decade, Ultimate Fitness Co. Ltd. carried on the work and responsibilities of the Power Connection Co. Ltd., Dr. Christoph Klueppel's original gym-equipment company, and used to offer a variety of fitness-related services; some of those are still available at our new up-country location ( be welcome to contact us for information at chris@ultimatefitnessacademy.com

While in operation, Ultimate Fitness Ltd. used to provide the most economically-priced, high-quality ULTIMATE FITNESS™ weight-training equipment, designed for commercial gym use available in Thailand. Additionally, we used to assist with the design and installation of fitness facilities, expert fitness management and consultancy for any fitness-related enterprise, provided success-oriented Personal Training Services, Fitness Seminars and Lectures, Staff Training for Fitness Instructors, and - last, but not least- On-Site Fitness Trainer Certification Courses for gym instructors and fitness-interested individuals, based on the NGA Personal Trainers Certification Course from the USA , which surpasses many other training courses on the market.

To all interested fitness enthusiasts from within Thailand and abroad, we continue to offer affordable Educational Fitness Holidays in Thailand at our new up-country location (Ultimate Fitness Academy & Retreat) in Uthumphon Phisai, Sisaket, Thailand; such educational fitness weekends or fitness holidays can on request be individually designed and tailored to your needs. Please contact us with relevant questions at chris@ultimatefitnessacademy.com

The main purpose of our most recent project, our non-profit ULTIMATE FITNESS ACADEMY, is to help promote fitness- and health- related knowledge, nutritional awareness and discipline, as well as safe and effective training techniques. Although we are a Thailand-based operation, our associates are multi-lingual, and we are able to offer instruction in English, German, and Thai.

This website is intended to convey information on proper fitness training in general, to do away with long standing misconceptions in this area, to provide tips on proper nutrition and supplements, and much more.

The photos and stories from the founder’s own international sports career and subsequent movie career in Thailand are intended as motivation for all fitness enthusiasts and serve as proof that pursuing a fitness lifestyle with dedication and sincerity can bring about exceptional opportunities not only on an occupational, but also on a personal level.

ULTIMATE FITNESS therefore encourages you to meet the ultimate challenge of leading a fitness lifestyle and as a result see not only your health and physique, but most likely your whole life improve to an extent you may never have expected.

Welcome to the World of Ultimate Fitness !