Even though PERSONAL TRAINING Services are nowadays widely available at most  commercial gym facilities and fitness-operations throughout Thailand, many local fitness enthusiasts, who have ever booked such “Personal Training” sessions, have ended up being disappointed, not only failing to achieve their expected training goals, but also spending major amounts of money without getting much in return.   

They dearly paid for the experience that truly professional guidance in the fitness environment is hard to come by, especially in this part of the world.

One of the reasons for this is that, despite the ever increasing numbers of young people offering Personal Training services here in Thailand, there are yet only very few dedicated, properly qualified and truly experienced Personal Trainers around; many local “Personal Trainers” are in this line of business, unfortunately often without having the necessary education and expertise to provide fitness-science-based and truly success-oriented personal training services.

At our ULTIMATE FITNESS ACADEMY, things are quite different; in Dr. Christoph Klueppel, the founder and president of this unique facility, - the very first of its kind in Thailand -  there is a highly qualified and experienced Master Fitness Trainer at your disposal, who has not only acquired the highest international qualifications and credentials ( see Our Credentials ), but who can also look back on a former competitive international weight-lifting- and bodybuilding-career, as well as more than 40 years of work-experience in the fitness-industry and in the field of Holistic Health & Nutrition. Other highly-qualified local trainers with international PT Certification are assisting him in providing what quite likely represents the most impressive Personal Training experience, which can possibly be obtained here in Thailand.

Whether you should require professional PERSONAL TRAINER GUIDANCE through the “weight-training session/s of your life”, acquiring an entirely new training experience, or whether you want to get new ideas for your work-outs, overcome plateaus, and learn new techniques to make your training more effective, we can provide most professional assistance in any of these areas.

Even if you should be a very beginner without any prior fitness training experience, or a senior individual, who has been physically inactive for years, requiring our guidance on how to safely and effectively start again to engage in physical activity, avoiding the common mistakes and injuries, we will be glad to be of assistance.

Whether you should be interested in receiving instruction in CORRECT WEIGHT TRAINING TECHNIQUES, or may want to learn about the SECRETS & ESSENTIALS OF PROPER WEIGHT-TRAINING POGRAMMING, we offer unmatched in-depth instruction in these and other most vital areas in the format of a one or two-days’ seminar.

If you should require a qualified, experienced fitness-expert for the DESIGN OF A SUCCESS - ORIENTED FITNESS- &  WEIGHT-TRAINING PROGRAM in accordance with the principles of fitness science, tailoring it to your individual training goals, while also considering the gym-equipment park available at your regular gym facility, you have definitely come to the right place. –

Even if you should require HOLISTIC NUTRITION CONSULTANCY to accomplish lasting body-fat reduction and/or to improve general health, or whether you may seek HOLISTIC HEALTH CONSULTANCY to learn how to relieve existing chronic health-conditions by entirely natural means, i. e. by correction of Nutrition and by Naturopathy, be welcome to make an appointment to visit us.

Occasionally, we also organize PERSONAL TRAINER CERTIFICATION PROGRAMS, which are designed to furnish all participants with the necessary expertise to design and administer proper exercise programs in the gym; the acquired knowledge may certainly also prove most useful to optimize their own work-out regimen. ( A “Certificate of Successful Completion” or a “Certificate of Distinguished Achievement” from our Ultimate Fitness Academy, will be provided on the conclusion of any such program).

For PROFESSIONALLY-GUIDED SAFE WORK-OUT SESSIONS at any fitness level, please be invited to visit us for a weekend or for a fitness holiday at our ULTIMATE FITNESS ACADEMY & RETREAT (for our location, please view the provided directions/map), whose facilities include a comprehensively equipped gym; we have family-atmosphere home-stay opportunity available there for our clients, but accommodation is also available in various resorts in the vicinity. On request, we will provide pick-up service by car from any nearby resorts, the local railway station (Uthumphon Phisai), or any nearby airports (Surin or Ubon Rachathani). –

For questions concerning any of our above outlined services, or for an appointment to visit us, please be welcome to contact us at