Gym Staff Training Continued Education for Fitness Instructors

As a fitness entrepreneur, your staff is your greatest asset. However, many Gym Instructors and Personal Trainers, working in the local fitness industry, sadly are severely lacking expertise and knowledge in what is required to make them true fitness professionals. The highly experienced fitness experts at our Ultimate Fitness Academy excel in providing continued education seminars in various areas of Fitness Theory and correct Weight-Training Techniques ( in English, Thai, or German); our training-course can on request be custom-designed in accordance with the needs of your gym-staff and your gym-facility; having attended our Continued Education Seminars, your gym-staff and trainers will return to their work in your gym with a better understanding of their duties, and equipped with everything they need to know to do a better job in future. Please contact us with your respective requirements and/or request a quotation for a continued education seminar for your staff .